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An exclusive interview with Daniel Otaniyenuwa, an SUG AGS aspirant held an interview with Daniel Otaniyenuwa also known as EL, read below.


STECHITESCONNECT: Good day Comrade Can we meet you?                                                                                               DANIEL: My names are Daniel Otaniyenuwa, also known as EL, am a 200L student of ICH in our great citadel of learning.

STECHITESCONNECT: What are your ambitions, if you emerge as the Student Union AGS?                                         DANIEL: To ensure a better student to management relationship, and to bridge the gap between student and the Union and to also correct the notion that the post of an AGS is just a figure head.

STECHITESCONNECT: How do you tend to achieve all these?                                                                                    DANIEL: If elected, my office will be open to all, this is to foster a better relationship with the Union and the students, so anyone who isn’t clear with one thing or the other can always come in to ask questions.
Also I will make certain to carry the student populace along in whatever decisions or discussions that the Union had with the management, so as for the student to better understand the activities of the Union.
STECHITESCONNECT: What will be the first thing you will do if you emerge as the SUG AGS?                                 DANIEL: If elected, I firstly will do a thanksgiving in my fellowship, then I will do what I know best that will be to write an appreciation note to everyone for giving me the mandate to serve as the AGS.
Then to my first official assignment, that will be to give my General Secretary an helping hand should the need arise
STECHITESCONNECT: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?                                                 DANIEL: In the next 5 years I should be rounding up my youth service, by God’s grace, then 10 years time, ah that’s quite a long time……well in dt time, I would be among the front runners for a campaign that’s currently on going #nottooyoungtorun
I would be married by then, probably working in the ministry by then, and EL industries would have been up and running, and politically I should by then be in the front line of any political party that am affiliated with.
STECHITESCONNECT: Comrade how would you rate OSUSTECH in term of Academics, Infrastructures and social activities?                                                                                                                                                                                       DANIEL: In terms of academics, very few can stand shoulder to shoulder with our school, its just saddening that we don’t have the infrastructures to back that up and due to that, the social activities of the school is almost at point zero, but all that we believe will change as we have a new administration in the state and even in the school.
Osustech can only get better, we have experienced out worst nightmare and like they say Joy comes with the morning
STECHITESCONNECT: What prompted you to go for the post of SUG AGS, as we heard that you were going for PRO, but you changed your mind.                                                                                                                                                        DANIEL: Yeah, have been asked this particular question so many times, first I would like to correct the notion that I changed my mind, even though change is the only constant thing in life.
But at no point did I make it known to anyone that I was contesting for any post that wasn’t the AGS, from the onset it was the post of the AGS, but due to the fact that I took long to declare my ambition, people started speculating and that was how the rumor came about.
Then to as what prompted me to go for AGS, that’s basically because I wanted to show that the post isn’t just for fun, my kind of person am more of a player, I don’t like been a spectator.
STECHITESCONNECT: Describe yourself in five words                                                                                                           DANIEL: I put others before myself
STECHITESCONNECT: What post have you held before and what are your achievements                                        DANIEL: Well I guess course representative. That’s if you count that as a post, then I also served as acting PRO in SCSN Osustech chapter, and though that executive wasn’t approved due to some circumstances surrounding the association as at then.
STECHITESCONNECT: As the people say, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, so how do you relax after the hectic day in school?                                                                                                                                                                 DANIEL: Yeah, I believe in play hard, work harder, after school, I hang out with my friends at home, then on some weekends we take ourselves out, Bryt lite, D&T, The Dons kitchen.
But on some days I just hang out with myself in the room alone with my thoughts.
STECHITESCONNECT: What do you really have passion for?                                                                                DANIEL: I am more of a motivator, an stimulator, I write a lot, I read too especially philosophical, geographical and historical stuffs.
STECHITESCONNECT: Can you give stechiTES a final word or statement that they can keep brooding over or living with?                                                                                                                                                                              DANIELOsustech will become only what we think of it, as a man thinks, so he is. If we believe Osustech will get better, it will only get better, let’s dwell more on the positives and if we think there are none, let’s use our power of imagination and let’s believe in that.
We might not be the best, but drops of water makes an ocean, we will surely get there, but we all have to function as one, united as a bunch, then greatness beckons.
God bless stechitesconnect
God bless Osustech
God bless Ondo state
God bless Nigeria


The interview is brought to you by stechitesconnect, we aim to make the SUG aspirants more familiar to the students, more interviews coming soon. Contact 07060554575 for yours ( aspirants )

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