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The real reason behind the brutality by police men at tbt

Its no new story about how the Nigerian police men that were paid to protect us stopped “TBT after party” by flogging students out of the compound of brytelite with a rod meant for cows , telling us that they were ordered by the management.

Well there was actually an atom of truth in that Cause the manager him self told them to do so cause of his own selfish interest , after lots of investigation we found out that the manager asked one of our student to be his girlfriend which she refused.

Not long after, He asked the organizers of TBT (sprint media) to tip him and they gave him N200 which he still collected after looking at the money like what manner of insult is this, As if that was not enough.

As he was going in side he saw the girl he just asked out dancing with another guy, I guess at this point he could not take it anymore, He had to do something to show his power
Well… Big shout out to Mr powerful now that he as lost his job
So my fellow stechites when next you see the former manager of bryte lite call him Mr powerful how work

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