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You Might Be Able To Retract WhatsApp Messages

Before now, I used to say there’s one unique feature that BBM and Telegraph have that WhatsApp does not have. You’ll probably tell me I’m talking gibberish but I’ll tell you  I ain’t.

So, in my mind, I kept on praying this feature will get integrated into the WhatsApp social media but it didn’t happen. So well, it seems that prayer has now been answered. This is because WhatsApp have made it known that a “Retract” feature could become available for messages that have been sent.

Now, what is a “Retract” feature. If a message has a retract feature, it means that the message can be retrieved, that is, the message can be unsent. The gateway portal for this feature will be five mins after it has been sent. The likes of Telegraph has this “Retract” feature enabled for a grace period of 24 hours. Before I throw shades at WhatsApp, let this feature first see the light of the day before we start hoping the feature is bettered.

There’s a likelihood that the feature will be added to the next WhatsApp update that’ll be available anytime soon. The likelihood of the WhatsApp “Retrieve” feature coming in the next WhatsApp update was stated by WEBetaInfo, a website that tests WhatsApp new features early. The “Retract” feature will work for other media such as GIFs, pictures and videos.

Another feature I hope WhatsApp can consider integrating into its platform is the feature that allows the music being played by you at the moment to appear on the status bar. Those conversant with BBM will know this feature well enough.

Nonetheless, we can’t take away the impact of the interesting features that WhatsApp has added to the platform previously. The features such as “status” which has the similitude to Instagram stories, the increment of the number of participants in groups, and many others. While we still anticipate the new feature to be included, let’s be careful of how and who we send messages to on WhatsApp, so as not to blame WhatsApp for not including the “Retract” feature on time.

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