While speaking on  Capital Xtra‘s ‘Reggae Recipe‘, the singer said this is about the influx of Ghanaian elements in Nigerian pop music.

if you want to count like 5 afrobeat, it’s like everybody just realized that ‘yo what formula is Mr Eazi using?’ Ok, we’re gonna end up doing it. December last year almost 60% of Nigerian artiste were in Ghana playing shows

Eazi further discredited their use of Ghanaian elements saying: “Now everybody is using words like Banku, Shitor, Maami, Odoo, Sika. My guy, how come? How do you know Odoo? How do you know Sika? How do you know Maami? From where, what’s the connection?

It’s just like an American artist just rapping about something in the UK, and you know he has no knowledge of it.Mr Eazi at his show

Eazi’s statement did not sit down well with Nigerians who made sure they dragged him on Twitter for days. Even the release international remix of his hit song ‘Leg over‘ couldn’t save him.

Tosin Ajibade (Mr Eazi) we know you blew up in Ghana but it’s time you started waving the Nigerian flag a whole lot more. A statement like this and the previous one about Ghanaian music influencing Nigerian music are bad for business.Mr Eazi should chill on some of his statements about Nigerian music

Keep it 100% Naija and Nigerians will rep you hard. Remember you are Nigerian and not Ghanaian.