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I started by fixing Generators in School – Skcassie. Read full interview Hello, most people know skcaasie the artiste, can we know you personally?

Skcassie: My name is Ajonibode Isaac aka Skcaasie, born in Lagos State and originated from Ekiti state! I started singing when i was 8 years old, right now i have close to 29 Tracks and am still counting! How was growing up like for you?

Skcassie : Growing up was like hell, no silver spoon so i had to hustle for everything i had today, started by fixing Generators in School doing any hard earned work to make money! It’s not easy growing up. So how did you get into music?

Skcassie:  It happened Gradually when i was in ss1 , but started officially when I Featured Skales working with young John What can you say about Osustech music industry, do you think it’s getting better or otherwise?

Skcassie : I don’t really know what to say about that but i know we have talents here in school. A lot of em! But we need proper preparation to move faster After skales, which other artiste would you like to do collaboration with?

Skcassie : I don’t really know now, Because I will like to work on myself better now because I don’t want to lag behind and i want to perform better than i am doing now because I slipped when i left music for a little while just for education! I pray God helps! God knows next Are you working on any project currently?

Skcassie : I don’t understand what the what project means lol 😂. There are billions of things we can call a project. Gbera is also a project too. And i am the type that loves to invest so anything can be a project lol After the release of your latest single Gbera, there’s been a lot of negative comments, what do you have to say to the critics?

Skcassie : Well I don’t have to say much about that, just disappointed it’s coming from my school, only few artiste sang for our school. Well i keep doing it because of the love i have for osustech. Mehn. I mentioned osustech a lot in my songs! So there is nothing a lowlife can say to weigh me down. It’s my dream you know! When are you releasing Gbera’s video?

Skcassie : Very video will be very soon.  A blast towards December. Thanks 🙏🏾 Any last words for your fans?

Skcassie: Thanks for all the help and support! God bless our hustle

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