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Thread: Let’s discuss – Why do you think stechites don’t appreciate efforts?

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Thread: Let’s discuss – Why do you think stechites don’t appreciate efforts?


It is disheartening that in a university of more or less than 2,000 students, business efforts made by students are not appreciated. A student starts a business this week and is forced to end it weeks later. This has happened to lots of businesses that aren’t Academics related, I mean *Se won fi iwe nikan se wa ni* (ask a Yoruba friend to interpret)

This has made it difficult for students to make money in school apart from allowances from their parents. The only thing that makes us turn up are parties (even some show promoters record loss not gain). Come to think of it, it’s not like we’re serious about book _gan_ , even artists are complaining

Some of the people that has been affected:


Stechitesconnect: We created an online marketplace for stechites but it was ignored and we had to stop (Stechites market is coming back soon)


Skcassie – Gbera – How would you explain that you featured award winning Skales and the negative comments you received are from your school mates, although Skcaasie wasn’t discouraged but it’s bad on the part of stechites.

DJ Sheva

And the list goes on…


So what do you think is the issue, or you think otherwise? Let’s know in the comment section

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  1. For me, I’ll say the difficulty in the academic sector of the institution and it’s undying stress is a major factor why we don’t feel the zeel to involve or engage in people’s vision.. Sad but true…

  2. 1. Lack of social life
    2. They’ll only support if you’re offering a free service, can’t imagine students pricing a 200 naira ticket show that’s so bizarre
    3. They are broke

  3. Well am short of words because i too am a victim of this so many times i have i tried to carry “osustech boi”signature but adviced to stop since my own people cant even loud my song well i thought it was me not untill my bro skcassie dropped gbera and i was dissapointed too. But my advice to osustech students that have something doing as a source of income keep on doing it bro skul is not your bus stop skul blow no be blow!!!

  4. I would say osustech students are like Nigerians dat value things from another country more than 9ja made so basically I value things from other skools more than osustech der own skool most of dem see everything in osustech as worthless

  5. I think we gotta have an orientation for the student….efforts needs to be appreciated…so we can receive. More from them….stechites please encourage your fellow student

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