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Osustech student writes Nigeria Government on Oct 1st.

Independence in Maliciousness; Nigeria in turmoil.

I pledge to Nigeria, My country
To be faithful, loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my strength
To defend her unity
And uphold her honour and Glory
So help me God.

These set of statements will be uttered again today from pits of lies, infidelity and traitorous being, apparently most of us grew up making promises when never understood it’s worth and enormity, words that are beyond comprehension of our paradigm, speech that comes with patriotism and loyalty, verbal expressions of dignity and sincerity of some sets of eminent and vehement citizens of Nigeria has been defiled and make of no respect. What a sacrilege!

Desecration and profanation has become the order of uttering such Sacred and Hallowed word, the enormity and potency are been derail, setting in delusion and hallucination.
Nigeria! The pace setter of Africa, the Giant among its confederate, the hallmark of leadership, centre of brilliancy, hub of dilligency, coast of great men, habitation for the destitute; shelter for all and the Future of Africa and Africans

Nigeria, a Country and Nation birthed by vision brought forth into existence by the concurrence of ideas of strong minded people who fought against slavery and liberation of our geographical jurisdiction. Nigeria was formed from so much diversities and multifariousness yet formidable, suspending personal interest and gains to uphold oneness and unity, neglecting each others knowledge and ignorance to uphold love.

It’s tragedic to see the labours and contention of our heroes been jaundiced by prejudice and jeopardized by selfishness. Injustice and Nepotism has become the order of the Government, tribalism has build a bridge between us, knowledge has brought its own hierarchy, colour has separated the bound of love while money has brought desparity.

I write today to Nigeria leaders and Government to come to terms with realities that to have a better Niegria, lawlessness must cease, infringement of rights and dividend must be frown too, inflicting pains on the masses must be evicted, mercy must be shown and the law must be uphold as a sign of sovereignty.

We on our National platforms and stadia today to gyrate, gallivant and celebrate 59th year of independence with nothing substantial to show for such a time spent in dependency though termed as independence. The beauty of independence was that it relinquish from us the physical chains which was in exchange for a mental Chains and shackles.

Dear Nigerians, we can only fight the Chains we see; the chains we are into is a mental and psychological one, our intelligence is been played upon leaving us with no excuse of accepting the so called independence with a chain in disguise, but unfortunately this wasn’t what the heroes fought for. At 59th the Biafrans clamor for separation and the noise of the Arewa youth is indistinct, the Afenifere’s petition we dont really know, the Niger Delta’s are not at rest not to speak of insurgencies of the Boko harams. At this point there’s nothing worth celebrating in the so Called Independence, perhaps the 9th Assembly of the Senate or 19th year of Uninterrupted democratic Government but truth to be told, our Hospitals need to be rehabilitated, our Educational system is porous and poriferous, Agricultural sector is redundant already and to talk about our finances it’s exasperating and exacerbating.

At this end we need to come together and uphold our Nation as we’ve promised, let everyone be reminded that he/she is guilty of such pronouncement. It’s time for us to rise, it’s time to lead.

Happy 59th Independence!
Nigeria! Pace setter!
Nigeria! Giant of Africa!
Nigeria! The Future of Africa and Africans!
I love Nigeria

Oluwaseun Tobiloba

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