Tuesday , September 25 2018
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THE TOP 20 RICHEST CLUB   20. Leicester — £128.7 million. Last season, Leicester City FC rocked the world when they were crowned champions of the British Premier League for the first time in their 132-year club history. The Foxes’ historic victory sent them hurtling into the top 20 this …

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CMA nomination

List of people voted and Nomiinated for CMA award =>JEZZY =>SAMWELL =>Hakeem =>SAVKID =>AYMID =>GSTAR =>Don Kenny =>Purple patchy =>Boj and co =>Mc . TATAFO =>DJ SHEVA =>DJ MEDIC =>Ojuwande(obaseki) =>Royal Bibi =>Eyilola =>Emma meche =>Tolani =>BC studio LTE =>Rebecca =>Ope (skills)(male) =>Bethie(female) =>Babtee(male) =>Bunkunmi(female) =>Scotchy(male) =>Dunsin( female) =>Pedro(male) =>Toyin(female) …

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State of your heart

What you hear determines how you think,how you think determines how you behave,and how you behave determines what you become (Bishop David Oyedepo) Don’t forget…… 👆The source of your thinking is your HEART So therefore 📖 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of …

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Can a man ever be happy?

Human want is unlimited(economist) Does that mean the end product of human want is death?🤔 Well, maybe……since human want is unlimited. 👌🏻Happinesses doesn’t come from having everything one want, but by liking the little one has….. 👇So therefore ?……how can someone be happy? Be content with such things as ye …

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Right thinking

[12:09, 6/14/2017] +234 813 219 3292: Your view about life will be determined by your thinking about life….. …. 👌 your mental picture determines your actual future…..(Bishop David Oyedepo) ✍The difference between successful men and unsuccessful men started with their pattern of thinking…. ✍You can never be different from others …

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why not NOW?

Yesterday is gone, No one knows what will happen in the next minute…. God owns tomorrow….. The only time you have is NOW… Make judicious use of it….. Remember 👉You have a purpose in life,start working towards it NOW 👆The only tool u need to work with time is NOW …

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