If Michael Faraday could succeed after trying 999 times to postulate the law of electricity……🙉
👆Success is for those that doesn’t stop trying👆

If Ben Carson who was a dummy when he was small and was abandoned to his mum alone when he was 8 could became the first Neurone Surgeon in the world…..🙊
👆My brother…Don’t loose courage👆

If Bill Gate and Mark Zuckerberg who were both dropped out of Harvard college are still able to be part of the richest in the world….🙉
👆Don’t Stop working on yourself👆

If Christiano Ronaldo who lost as the world best footballer three times consecutively to Lionel messi later won it twice…🙇‍♀
👆Don’t stop trying👆

If Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who was a pauper could became the president of Nigeria…🙆
👆Don’t let your background pull your back to ground👆.

If Mohammed Buhari who contested as Nigeria president 3 times and lost can still become the president of Nigeria….🙈
👆Don’t loose hope👆…

If Yinka Ayefele in spite of his physical challenge can make it with his talent….💆‍♂
👆U can do better with the potential in you.
Life is like riding a bicycle, to maintain your balance, you have to keep moving.(Albert Einstein)

Success is for everybody except those that stop trying…

Don’t be deceived…
U may not succeed unless you try.

You are never a failure until you stop trying.


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