Tuesday , June 19 2018
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State of your heart

What you hear determines how you think,how you think determines how you behave,and how you behave determines what you become (Bishop David Oyedepo) Don’t forget…… 👆The source of your thinking is your HEART So therefore 📖 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of …

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Can a man ever be happy?

Human want is unlimited(economist) Does that mean the end product of human want is death?🤔 Well, maybe……since human want is unlimited. 👌🏻Happinesses doesn’t come from having everything one want, but by liking the little one has….. 👇So therefore ?……how can someone be happy? Be content with such things as ye …

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One of the features of the new economy is complexity Your living in the new economy is defined by your mental C&S C for capability and S for Sensitivity. Many people merely exist,but few are living….. Once you lack mental C&S,you are merely existing,you are not living….. 👆The level of …

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