Saturday , July 21 2018
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One of the features of the new economy is complexity Your living in the new economy is defined by your mental C&S C for capability and S for Sensitivity. Many people merely exist,but few are living….. Once you lack mental C&S,you are merely existing,you are not living….. 👆The level of …

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Right thinking

[12:09, 6/14/2017] +234 813 219 3292: Your view about life will be determined by your thinking about life….. …. 👌 your mental picture determines your actual future…..(Bishop David Oyedepo) ✍The difference between successful men and unsuccessful men started with their pattern of thinking…. ✍You can never be different from others …

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why not NOW?

Yesterday is gone, No one knows what will happen in the next minute…. God owns tomorrow….. The only time you have is NOW… Make judicious use of it….. Remember 👉You have a purpose in life,start working towards it NOW 👆The only tool u need to work with time is NOW …

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