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If nobody can take shots at show organizers, I can – Yung Tune

Yung Tune: Ah mogbe.  See how people murdering me.

let me explain myself o.

The broke ass part was just a bomb in that interview.   I just tried to aim our show organizers.    And it was just a joke.   I don’t expect them to pay us artists,   but  at least they should make the gate tickets free for artists yeah?

and there’s nothing like being proud or something.  I’m still upcoming like every other rappers and artiste on campus so there’s nothing to be proud about.

people talking bout artists taking 7digits ain’t talking…

Well it’s normal they won’t talk.    This is a campus shit and if anybody can’t take shots at em show organizers.   I will. I can.   Nobody can crucify me yeah?   😂



I’m sorry if I got too harsh in that part.   I’m sorry Hills Ent.  Bobnero skills ent and the rest.    I’m just joking.     I’m humble. I’ll still come to you guys to let me perform in your shows even though I’m paying ticket fee.        Just what you guys to improve that’s all.


Didn’t even know people do look at our artists.     If we post songs.  We only see 50 downloads when we have like 2000 osustech students.

And the ‘I’m the best rapper in osustech part”  You guys can’t expect me to just sit at the back of some other rapper and say he/she is better.    It’s a rapper tang.      We the best anywhere.  Even if  we come face to face to Kendrick.  😂


Anyway, Keep listening to good music people not just mine but other guys putting osustech music on the market  Aymid, Jezzy, Bizy, Horsho, Smoke, Desmond, Gstar, Skkris, Lakenus, Skcassie, Clinton, medicc, sheva, Kof, just to mention a few, Nobody knows where we’ll get to…This campus is a screenshot shot of the entire world.     We coming out strong


But truth be told.  Stechites no get Chill 😂

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