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7 types of lecturers you will find in Osustech

1. The Papi Abachas: These ones are across all departments. Better don’t try to offend them, if you do peren, one thousand army no fit beg for you.

2. Workaholics: They never miss a class, even your saturdays are booked. If possible, they try to steal public holidays and hold test when the class is scanty. Never miss their classes. They are very passionate about attendance.

3. The Interactive Ones: These are the modern lecturers, they try to make the class lively and interactive. They make jokes and ask questions.

4. The Cheerful Givers: The only thing they are giving cheerfully is lecture notes! They come to class, give HOC’s notes and that’s the end. If you like read. If you like don’t. You’d meet them in your exams.

5. The Dictators: They are not your favourite head of state, but they can dictate notes for Africa. They will even remind you why you took shorthand in Junior Secondary School

6. The Parent Figure: These ones will use the first one hour to preach and teach morals. They are very embracing and have their office open to students. Take their free advice seriously

7. The Teachers: These ones will make you understand the course by breaking it down to the lowest form. If they teach and you still don’t understand, you need serious deliverance.

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  1. Hahahahaha
    No be lie joor

  2. God bless my chemistry lecturers…I have them across all categories…🤣🤣

  3. Na true talk oooo

  4. Lol… No be lie.. I can relate baje

  5. Mehn
    Guy u Gat this right.
    Those no5 can be boring ehn

  6. Second Category!
    My honorable “Big Lecturer” falls there… 😌😉😉

  7. One category is missing.
    The story tellers. They don’t teach or give notes, they only give you unrelated and superficial stories.

  8. nah true talk
    but there’s one category u should have added to ur list
    ” the agenda’s” u can’t understand but ask any 400l BCH students abt them…

  9. All these types of lecturers plenty for osustech. Not one is left out.

  10. Those that will lock door when it is 7:55 am and will conduct test for 20 out of 800 students. Eg Adekeye

  11. Hahahahahaha
    So true

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