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Horror Movies That Became Great Games

The Horror Movie genre has received a lot of interest during the last couple of decades and as a result, Horror movies are ranked 7th in the list of top grossing movie genres. One of the reasons for the growing fan following is due to the release of a number of great movies over the years. Movies such as The Descent, Scream, AntiChrist, The Conjuring, 28 Days Later, Inside, Shaun of the Dead and The Blair Witch Project.


The growing craze for horror and darkness has sparked a revival in horror based novels. There are a number of horror fans who watch and enjoy the movies but have no idea that is was based on a horror novel. Sometimes the books are even more interesting than the movie itself. Some of the movies that were based on novels include Audition by Ryu Murakami, The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson, I Know What You Did Last Summer – by Lois Duncan, Psycho – by Alfred Hitchcock and The Ruins – Scott Smith.

Fans of the Horror genre cannot seem to get enough thrills from novels and movies and have hence created a growing market for online casino games that have a horror theme to it. There are a number of online casino games such as the Haunted House slot game at that allows users to login from the comfort of their home and get their pulse racing.

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